Winter World Cup On The Horizon

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The FIFA task force, that where set the objective of analyzing the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, have reported that they favour a winter World Cup. The task force delivered this verdict at their final meeting in Doha. The called for it to take place in late November and early December.

The idea of a winter World Cup is very controversial to many. Ironically the only thing more controversial than this, may be the selection of Qatar as hosts in the first place, among wide spread allegations of corruption. The task force have decided to avoid the extreme and potentially dangerous summer heat in the Middle East, that a winter World Cup is the best course of action. They also had a second proposal of making the tournament shorter, if the competition was still played in the summer. However we understand there is no plans to reduce the size of the 32 team tournament, just plans to condense it by a matter of days. Speculation suggests the tournament could run from November 26 to December 23rd.

The biggest objection to this proposal is thought to come from the major leagues within Europe. They worry about a seriously disrupted domestic season, as well as the huge problems it could cause the Champions League. With European leagues carrying the largest viewing figures the world over, as well as being the most exported leagues, it is thought these objections should carry some weight. However the governing body of all European football UEFA, has already released a statement agreeing with the proposals. So European leagues could see their pleas fall on deaf ears.

FIFA’s executive committee will now meet over  the dates of March the 19th and 20th in Zurich. This is when they will make their final decision on when the biggest sporting event in the world is held. As it stands a ground breaking move to the winter is looking more and more likely.

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