The World’s Top 5 Richest Footballers

With the big TV rights deal coming out this week, many are worried footballers wages could keep going up and up and up, leading to ridiculous weekly wages, and crazy transfer funds. Add to that the huge commercial deals they sign and footballers have a pretty wealthy occupation, and amass a serious amount of cash. With this in mind IRZ decided to give you the low down on the 5 top richest footballers in the world.

5- Kaka

Net worth- £68 million

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The mercurial Brazilian still has one of the most worshiped names in football, especially at AC Milan and back home in Brazil. His big money move to Real Madrid netted him some serious cash, not to mention his second spell at Milan supposedly worth 10 million. Since then he has moved onto a big money deal with new MLS franchise Orlando. Until they enter the league later this year he is on loan at Sao Paulo

4- Wayne Rooney

Net Worth- £70 Million

The Manchester United Talisman rakes it in with his latest £300,000 per week deal at Old Trafford. He has been handsomely paid all his footballing life, allowing him to accrue a huge personal fortune. He also is a big pull commercially, and is one of Nike’s Marquee names.

3- Samuel Eto’o

Net Worth- £71 million

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Considering the big names in the football world, the Cameroon national may be a shock entry this high on the list. However you have to remember the man was for a long time the worlds best paid player during his spell in Russia. Eto’o raked in a miraculous £18 million per year during his spell at Anzhi.

2-Lionel Messi

Net Worth- £120.5 Million

A serious jump to the next man on the list, and here we find the four time Ballon d’or winner. He would make any list of richest sportsmen, let alone just football players. He is the main man for boot manufacturers Adidas, among a slew of other big commercial deal. Add to that his reported €16 Million per year salary, and its no shock Messi’s wealth is in the hundreds of millions.

1-Cristiano Ronaldo

Net Worth- £122 Million

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Real Madrid’s main man and (along with Messi) world football s biggest name, CR7 just pips the little man from Argentina at the top of our list. His back to back Ballon d’or wins makes him more marketable than he already was. He also signed a new deal with Nike last year worth close to £80 million. Just another little extra for his huge wage which supposedly nets him even more than Messi.

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