Premier League – The Best League in the World? EPL Prepares to Dominate

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The Premier League may not have the best players in the world at the moment, but few would disagree that it is the most exciting league to watch. This statement is backed up by the huge amount of money which is set to come into the league via the new TV deals, something you’ve probably heard a lot about this week, but the fallout may not be something you have considered, especially on an international basis. So what does all this cash mean for the future of English football?

It is already the most watched league in the world, and that won’t change. Whereas two to three teams battle out La Liga and the Bundesliga every year (if that), we go into Premier League seasons with four or five teams full of the world class talent to win the league, plus surprise packages such as Southampton. The strength of a team like Arsenal or Liverpool, in spite of their lack of recent trophies, plus the frantic pace of the league, makes our top-of-the-table clashes exciting to watch. However, it is lower down in our league that the real value comes. As Leicester and Burnley have proven, anybody can beat anybody in our glorious league, and the non-contests we see time and time again in La Liga can’t compete with the excitement of our “weaker” teams.

Those weaker teams are only going to strengthen with the immense amount of money coming their way. The new deal values each fixture at £10 million, meaning clubs like Stoke or Crystal Palace can start to look at World Class players to bolster their ranks.

Economic Factors

As if this £5 billion weren’t enough, everything else is playing into England’s hands too. The Euro is weakening, the pound isn’t. This is expected to be a trend for some time and while the British economy continues to perform, the fees we are able to offer will be even higher in comparison to that in Spain, Italy, Holland and Germany, countries whose biggest stars already struggle to command the fees they would be paid playing for a Premier League team.

Without wanting to give a lecture on the state of the economy, players from Portugal, Spain and other parts of Europe could soon see themselves jumping on the first flight to London with their agents, begging for a deal.

What This Could Mean for England Players

The development of players for the England team in the last few years has been good, players like Raheem Sterling, Ross Barkley and Harry Kane are bursting onto the scene, but we still don’t have enough Englishmen getting game time in our top league, and scarily, this could get worse as buying power increases. We need to avoid this trend, and regulations as to English players having to be included in squads are not strict enough. Clubs should have a responsibility to their Nation to develop players, but not all will see it that way.

Englishmen or no Englishmen, surely there can be only one outcome from all this; English teams dominating European and Global competitions for years to come. The richest, most exciting league in the world shows no signs of relenting. Prepare for more Champions League medals to be heading to England.

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