Premier League Announce Record £5.14 Billion TV Rights Deal

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TV deals have always brought big money into the premier league, the most watched league around the world. Now The Premier League has raised the bar once more, with a record TV package bringing in £5.14 Billion, to be split between premier league clubs.

Sky Sports once again dominated the Premier League bidding, perhaps being wary of losing out on the Champions League to rivals BT Sport. They will pay the bulk of the money, investing £4.2 Billion over three years from 2016. They will get to broadcast 126 live matches a year, including their famous Super Sundays, Saturday night football and Monday Night Football. Plus for the first time ever Friday night matches in The Premier League. Sky say they will pay £1.392 Billion per year to broadcast the 126 live games.

Rivals BT Sport paid the remaining £960 million, securing them 42 live games a year, an increase on their previous 38 live games.

All this will mean that Premier League clubs may be able to stretch financial fair play further, and the scramble to reach the promise land from the Championship will be even greater than ever before. Hopefully it will see the arrival of more top talent in the league, as well as investments in the game’s future, and future of the English national teams. These where all points that where elaborated on during the press release from the Premier League.

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