New Biting Scandal Hits South American Football


Following on from one of South American football’s favourite sons Luis Suarez being embroiled in numerous biting controversies, this vile act has once again been witnessed in South America, This time by Tijuana player Juan Arango during a match in Mexico.

With his team losing 4-3 to Monterrey is a top division Mexican league game, Arango lost his cool. He seemed to approach Moterrey player Jesus Salva very casually, before he latched his teeth onto his shoulder and bit him. What is more sensational however is that Venezuala captain Arango went unpunished as he was not seen during his deplorable act by the match officials.

The match had been bad tempered and heated throughout, and the game itself was played at a furious pace. It was open and extremely close, with Arango playing a key role during the game. He had drawn his side level with a fantastix free kick earlier in the game to make it 2-2.

Arango is a former Monterrey player and has played in Europes very best leagues. Notably with Mallorca and Borussia Munchengladbach. He joined Tijuana in the summer after the attacking midfielder left the German side. It once again threw us back to the ugly scenes at last summers World Cup, not to mention Luis Suarez’s previous incidents for Liverpool and Ajax.

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