Manchester City Star Man Set To Join Former Boss

14627013839_b411577efc_kManchester City Powerhouse Yaya Toure has been linked with plenty of moves away in the last 6 months. most of them seemed to follow hot on the heels of his agent reporting he was unhappy at Manchester City not doing enough for his clients birthday. Well now another link away for the man from the Ivory Coast has emerged, in the form of his last boss Roberto Mancini.

Inter are far from the force they used to be, with Juventus, Roma and Napoli all overtaking them at the head of the Italian game, however Mancini is turning things around. Bug signings like Xherdan Shaqiri and Lukas Podolski have added to a talented squad. Toure’s arrival though would be in another world all together, and really signal Mancini’s intent to rebuild Inter into the kings of Serie A once again.

No stranger to breaching financial fair play during his time at Man City, Mancini admits that may prove a stumbling block in his attempts to bring in the midfield powerhouse. The Italian said while speaking to Gazetta Tv

“It’s a question mark, we’ll have to see what financial fair play brings,”

“I’m sure we’ll do some good business. Yaya Toure? He’s played in almost every league, except for Germany and Italy.

“If, as seems to be the case, he wants to try Serie A we’ll look into the possibility, but it won’t be easy.

“He’s a player with incredible technical ability. I’ve not come across many like him.”

Mancini went on to say he is sure Inter will compete for the title in Italy next season, despite currently sitting 8th this term, and miles of the pace set by the leagues leaders. Time will tell if the Yaya Toure saga will once again rear its ugly head this summer, and if Inter in their current state are a big enough lure for the man used to playing for the games biggest honours every year, first with Barcelona and now with Manchester City.

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