FIFA Presidential Candidate Well on Course for Election


The FIFA presidency has long been debated, with many allegations of corruption and looking the other way. Especially ever since the extremely controversial choices for the host countries of the next two FIFA World Cup finals. Many feel that it is now time for a change to the near decade long reign of Sepp Blatter.

There was bad news today however for those looking to remove Blatter from power. At the congress of African football confederations held in Cairo, two of African footballs most powerful figures revealed that Blatter can rely on the votes of all 54 African countries. The people who threw their support behind him where CAF secretary general Nicholas Musoyne, and president Issa Hayatou.

The crowd gathered at the congress included the three other candidates for the FIFA Presidency Luis Figo, Prince Ali bin al-Hussein and Michael Van Praag, They heard a very clear message in Hayatou’s opening address to the congress.

“Dear Sepp, I want to reiterate that here in Africa you are never on some strange or hostile territory. You shall always be at home here, on this continent.

“Africa is comfortable having you, Africa stays with you.

“His action in favour of Africa speaks for him. To us, he is still the man of the situation.”

While it is true that you need 105 votes to be elected as president, Blatter has already been guaranteed 46 votes from the Asian federations. This leaves Blatter needing only 5 more if the African vote does go his was, as it has consistently over recent years. 209 Fifa member countries are allowed to vote, and it seems that Sepp is going to comfortably achieve over half of them, especially with this latest backing from the largest continental confederation.

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