Balotelli Blasts His Doubters via Bizarre Instagram Post

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Mario Balotelli has always courted controversy, and this season at Liverpool has been no different. His form has been very poor since being signed for £16 million in the summer by Brendan Rogers. It was so poor Liverpool resorted to playing with no specialist striker for large parts of the season, while Daniel Sturridge was on the treatment table. With this came questions over his work rate, and application in training. Even Steven Gerrard and Brendan Rogers eluded to him not putting in the hard yards.

It now appears however that Balotelli has had enough of the media, and his club, doubting him. In a bizarre video posted on social networking site instagram, Mario has attacked those who criticize his performances.

“Do you know me?” he said on the brief video. “Did you ever talk to me, personally?

“Do you know what I’ve been through in my life?

“You just saw me play football on the pitch, sure. Man, shut up.”

Recently Balotelli has launched some cryptic tweets, supposedly aimed at his manager, and also his agent has publicly questioned Rogers managing of his client. With many considering Balotelli’s Liverpool career to already be over, this latest outburst could turn out to be the final nail in the talented Italians coffin.

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